Over 70 percent of all ER, Urgent Care and Doctor Office visits can be safely handled by medical professionals over the phone.


The HCSN gives you 24/7 access to more than 2,300 doctors any time – day or night.

When you call in, you will receive a call back within 10 minutes and be treated for your issue.


Check out how TELEMEDICINE works:

  • When you’re simply not feeling well, connect to our telehealth hotline by phone, video or email
  • You can get diagnosis and recommended treatment within 10 minutes after you call
  • Second opinions
  • Medical consultations with board-certified, licensed physicians who can even prescribe medication when necessary.

Telemedicine is:

Accessible. Anywhere. Anytime. Even when you are traveling. Service is available in all 50 states, except Arkansas.

Affordable. Monthly fees cost less than the out-of-pocket costs for ONE doctor’s visit.  And the service extends to your family, as well.

Proactive. Offer personalized health coaching and weekly plans to monitor your wellness.

Educational. When you want to learn or check out your concerns, telemedicine members have access to thousands of educational videos and articles.